Link Submitter Promotional Video Creation

The Brief
The client wanted a simple to follow 1 minute 30 second typography based tutorial video, that would educate each of their users as to what they did. The video should include a voice over, ideally an American male. As well as fairly upbeat backing music.
The Client

A online search engine optimisation tool

A really fantastic project to be involved with. We began the process by working with the client to produce a script. The finalised script was sent off to a professional recording studio in the US. Once complete, we began to look into the type of backing music that would suit the pace and upbeat tone of the voice over. Once the audio tracks were finalised, we began to illustrate different types of ways the text and images could interlink in the video. After several more drafts, the video was finally finished and went live on the clients site, as well as YouTube and other similar networks.